Age of Revolutions

Tuesday 16th February

Welcome to our first day of our, hopefully, very short burst of remote learning. For our Main Lesson, we are going to hear stories from many different parts of the world, of many different people who lived between five hundred to three hundred years ago.  

Morning and afternoon verses are below for you to say at the start and end of your school days. As a suggestion, you can light a candle and take a moment to say the morning verse, and then blow the candle out at the end of the afternoon verse.

For Main Lesson today, start with the 'Today's ML Activities' tab and then read or listen to the new content by clicking on 'New ML Content - written' or 'New ML Content - audio'. 

Murray and Louise have also uploaded Science and Maths lessons too. 

Have a great day and keep enjoying this beautiful weather!

Can't wait to see you on Thursday...

Larissa :)

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Wednesday 17th February

Welcome to Wednesday's lessons.

We had some amazing cloud activity yesterday morning. Here is a photo I took. In the top right quarter of the photo there are small, rippling, puffy clouds. These are called cirrocumulus. They are high up in the sky and can foretell a change in the weather...

We will continue on with the exciting story of

Holland and Spain today. 

You can also complete any work from yesterday's

Maths and Science lessons, and practise your


Remember you can contact me if you need any

help with the set work. Just ask your parents'


Here's hoping we're back to school tomorrow :)

All the best,

Larissa :)

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