6 t h   A u g u s t  

Main Lesson

Good morning Class 8!

Today you can go on with the work I gave you yesterday afternoon - the book work and then the reading. 

For those of you who were away on Thursday, you will find copies of what I gave out under the "Bookwork" and "New Content" tabs.

Remember to reach out for help when you need it.  

Have a great day,



Complete the questions for Chapter 9 using whatever paper you have available. Make sure your writing is neat and your answers are contemplative and thoughtful!

Tuck your finished work into you Main Lesson book for safe-keeping.


Hi Class 8,

I have provided a pdf of all of the worksheets I have developed so far - please complete the next worksheet from wherever you were up to. If you are able to discuss your work with another while you complete it, please do so - math should be discussed!

I will provide answers as soon as I can.

All the best,

Tricia (6th August)

Please now find the anwers - be aware I have changed the question on the hire car fare - so those answers WILL NOT MATCH those given in the answer sheet.

13th August

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