Week 7 Main Lesson: the human body

Monday 31st May

Hello dear Class 8 students!

Welcome to our first day of remote learning. 

This is the Main Lesson page. I will put something up every day on the Main Lesson page for you to do that day.


Please note: For those of you who need to finish off the drawing of the bones of the foot from Thursday, you will find a copy of the blackboard drawing under the tab: "The Foot Drawing (for finishing off)". You can glue your drawing into your Main Lesson book when it is finished.


There are two other website pages - one for subject lessons, which has Maths, Science, English and German lessons on it. Over the four days of remote learning, you can work your way through what the teachers have put up on the Subject Lesson page.

You can also use these four days to go on with you Class 8 Project. 

On the third page there is gallery full of photos from our play! Special thanks to Michelle Payne for sending those through for us to enjoy. 

Remember that, with your parent's permission, you can call me or email me with any questions about the content. Your parents have my details.


All the best,

Larissa :)

Pelvis content and activity AUDIO
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Tuesday 1st June

Hi Everyone,

I hope you went well yesterday.

It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Today we are looking at the hip joint and standing. 

Make sure you get up and move about - it's easy to forget!

Until tomorrow...

Larissa :)

Hip Joint and Standing AUDIO
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Wednesday 2nd June

Hi Everyone,

It was lovely to see so many of you at our morning check-in on Tuesday. 

In preparation for Thursday's check-in, I want you to find a word - one you already know or one from the dictionary (or any other book) - and be ready to share it at our checkin. Then I will make a crossword out of them...

Have a great day.  

Larissa :)

The Spine AUDIO
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Thursday 3rd June


What a bother that we need to continue like this for another week. ;(

Well at least we can use the time to enjoy the sunny winter from cosy houses, work on projects, read, walk, eat yummy food, and talk to friends. 

I really enjoyed catching up with those of you who joined our Zoom check-in yesterday morning, and hearing about something interesting you did on Tuesday. 

This morning's check in is 'bring a word with you', and Friday's is going to be 'wear a hat you have made from paper or cardboard'... get cracking! 

See you there. 

Larissa :)

Symmetry of Skeleton AUDIO
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Friday 4th June

Hi Class 8, 

Almost at the weekend - here is Friday's work. I hope you enjoyed learning about the human body this week. Next week we will look at muscles; the structure of the bone; eyes; and ears.

Have a great weekend. 

Larissa :)

The Skull
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