Anouk Stewart-Howie

For my Class 8 Project I am restoring a 1950s caravan. All of the structure was too rotten to use. The only original part left is the undercarriage, window frames and the skylight or roof window. The undercarriage is solid but there's too much rust in the mechanics to make it roadworthy.

I was interested in doing this project because I enjoy making things that are useful. I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to use it, but it will definitely be used as an indoor space of some sort.

I've grown up helping my Dad with handy-man work so I was confident I could use all the tools, but I still needed help from my Dad, who was my mentor for this project.

Currently the caravan isn't complete but I do plan to finish it. The whole process of building the caravan was very exciting and stressful, sometimes things would be running smoothly then something would snap or brake or there would be a problem with one of the tools,. It was all very unpredictable.

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