Hi Class 8,

Welcome back to Term 4!

This term we will be looking at statistics and probability. On Monday (4th October) you will be able to collect your math book and textbook (and other items) from school. This is not a school day so I have not set work for that day. However, I have made the chapter from the textbook available (click the button above) if you wish to get started.

Over the next four weeks of remote learning, I am assigning 2 subchapters per week (Monday and Thursday) with the Friday to finish off the work or revise the topics covered. Refer to the list below. As there are different editions of the textbook, I am not giving question numbers. Please complete the Fluency and Problem-Solving questions as indicated by either the left, middle (most of you) or right group of questions. Of course, if you complete all of these easily within the week, please attempt the reasoning and enrichment questions as well.

At the beginning of each week, I will provide a short video giving an overview of each sub-chapter set for that week. (The first week will be ready by Thursday.) They will appear next to the list below.

Week 1-7/Oct: No Monday, 8A

Week 2-11&14/Oct: 8B and 8C

Week 3-18&21/Oct: 8D and 8E*

Week 4-25&28/Oct: 8F and 8G

Week 5-4/Nov: No Monday, 8H.

*8E is an extension topic. I would like it to be completed, but if you are struggling by this point you may leave it out. If you are struggling, please let me know. I can arrange to call home and talk through ANY of the problems.

Hope to see you soon,


(Please email me - or contact the school - if you need any support to attempt this work, I am here to help!)