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Here we are in Week 8. 

I hope you had a great break over the weekend.

We have a bit more on the Industrial Revolution (and beyond) to look at this week, starting today with women during the Industrial Revolution. 

If you run out of room, in your current book, use the yellow Main Lesson book in Friday's pack.

There is some maths from Tricia, eurythmy from Beth, and questions for Chapter 16 of Mao's Last Dancer (with  revised question from Chapter 13.)


And in case you need it, a Far Side cartoon to remind you to pace yourself!

Best wishes,


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Hi Class 8,

I have provided a pdf of all of the worksheets I have developed so far - please complete the next worksheet from wherever you were up to. If you are able to discuss your work with another while you complete it, please do so - math should be discussed!

I will provide answers as soon as I can.

All the best,

Tricia (6th August)

Please now find the anwers - be aware I have changed the question on the hire car fare - so those answers WILL NOT MATCH those given in the answer sheet.

13th August

Hi Class 8,

The worksheets 10-13 are for you to work through over the next two weeks. I have left the previous ones readily available for those of you who have not completed them yet.

All the best,



Here is some eurythmy from Beth.


Here are the questions for Chapter 16. 

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