Week 8 Main Lesson: the human body

Monday 7th June

MORNING UPDATE: You will find work from Trish, Murray and Glen for this week under "Subject Lessons". I have left last week's English work there for those who still need it. Ciao!


Hello dear Class 8 students!

I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend and managed to get outside a bit. 

This week I will put up work here for Main Lesson, and the other things you can be doing are:

Practice your instrument, ready to share with other students when we are back at school in Week 9. 

Focus on your project: remember if you are ready, you can hand things in to me before the school holidays. Otherwise your project is due on the first Friday of Term 3.

See you at our morning check-ins...

All the best,


Structure of Bones AUDIO
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Tuesday 8th June


What a fantastic sunset last night! I hope you got to enjoy some of it. There were very distinct mackerel clouds. (Here is an example of mackerel clouds).

Have a beautiful day.

Best wishes,


The Muscles AUDIO
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Wednesday 8th June

Good morning 

I hope you found the sound of the rain to be soothing overnight. Some people sleep really well when it rains. 

Hopefully it doesn't wash away the snow!

See you soon,

Larissa :)

The Eye Part 1 AUDIO
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Thursday 10th June

Good mor-ning, Good MOOR-ning,

You've slept the whole night through...

Good mor-ning, Good mor-ning to you...

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend adventures. 

Pack your bag with EVERYTHING you need for school!

See you Tuesday...



The Eye Part 2 AUDIO
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Friday 11th June

Hi Class 8, 

Today is report writing day, so no school work for you. 

You can collect all your school things together and put them somewhere that makes it easy for you to remember them on Tuesday morning.  Remember that Monday is a Public Holiday.

See you soon!


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