Tuesday 12th October 2021 Supplemental

Shadow Drawing Process in detail:

1. Look around you home and garden and seeing what objects might make interesting shadow. For example, toys, cups, or plants. 

2. Place a piece of paper or your visual diary 

3. Use a lamp or torch (phone torches work well) or candle (be careful if you choose this option) to make shadows

4. Look at the shadows and let your imagination go free and see what you can identify or associate with the shapes in the shadow. 

5. Start drawing. You may not know exactly what you want to do draw at first, but that's fine, let the drawing evolve step by step. 

6. If possible, take a photo of your drawing with the shadow (you may struggle doing this if your using your phone as a torch)

The aim of this activity is think creatively and practice doing quick, loose sketches. Don't stress if you're not happy with your first results; I tried a few different objects and angles before I found one that I was happy with. The process of making art often involves trialling different ideas before reaching a point in which were happy with the results.

TOP: First attempt/experiment.

MIDDLE: Set up with object (plant) used for creating shadow and light source (black bar in the foreground is a lamp)

BOTTOM: Drawing in progress.

Tuesday 12th October 202`

Dear Class 8s, 

Thank you to everyone who sent me an email of their front covers - they look amazing!

This week I'd like you to play with shadow drawings. For inspiration, please look at the Belgian artist Vincent Bal: 

Now, look around your house and find a minimum  of three objects you could use to create your own shadow drawings. To summarise:

Shadows of objects do not always reflect their true nature. By using the shadows of small objects as sources of inspiration for our artworks we can either expand upon what we understand of that object, or we can give our imaginations  permission to form associations they wouldn't ordinarily do so.

Step 1: trace the shadow of the object as it appears

Step 2: use your imagination and use the shadow of the object as inspiration to depict a different theme/subject/topic.  


Please email me your best drawing and I will post it here :)

~ Renee 

Tuesday 5th October 2021

Dear Class 8s,


Welcome to term 4 Art 2021! 


In the packs you took home yesterday (Monday 4) you would have received a visual diary. You will be using this visual diary this term and going into Class 9; many students use it in class 10 as well. Your task for this week is to make a front cover. I’m going to make the criteria for this quite open and give free choice, well almost free choice … your cover needs fulfil the following:


  • Have the title “Art” somewhere on it 

  • Contain a picture of some sort that you have created yourself (see below for suggestions)

  • Be neatly presentation (optional: you can make a border)

  • Be made with the following mediums (you can choose one of these or use a combination):

    • Grey lead pencil 

    • Coloured pencils

    • Watercolour paints 

    • Chalk pastels 

    • Fine liner pen (max 5mm tip)

      • Please observe from the above list that you can NOT use textas, felt tipped markers, highlighters, or permanent markers. 


Suggestions for picture:

  • Copy the artwork of your favourite artist; could be the whole image or part thereof, e.g., Leonardo, Monet, Warhol, whomever is your favourite. 

  • Similar to above, however, instead directly copying your favour artist's work, use there work as inspiration for you own individualised artwork. 

  • Go for walk and collect an object or objects and draw these from observation, e.g., flowers, seed pods, etc.

  • Copy a photo that you’ve taken, e.g., sunset, building, selfie. 

  • If you like drawing anime or manga, you could draw something in those styles. 


Regardless of what you chose, apply some common sense and select a topic/subject matter that would be suitable for a visual diary that you’ll be using for the next 1 or 2 years. 


Hope you also have fun with it! If you are able to take a photo once you’ve finished and email it to me, I’d love to see your work! 


My email is 


~ Renée