Week 2 

Tuesday 12th October


Hi Class 8,

This is the second piece of work for our new topic entitled 

Botany - the science of Plants.   From last week you should have your display folder set up with a title page and the first pieces of work collated. This week I would like you to complete the following tasks;

1. Read the text excerpt entitled Plant Classification. I have included a link to this document if you do not have the printed copy I included in the handouts provided at the last school pick up.

2. Once you have read the text I would like you to go out and conduct a Field study to try to locate all of the different plant groups listed in the classification. You should be able to find examples of each of these in the valley. You can record evidence of you field work in any of the following ways:

 (i) A collage of photos

 (ii) Pencil sketches

 (iii) A painting

 (iv) Pressed leaf samples

 (v) A written account

If you are interested there is a wonderful free app called Picture This which helps you to identify plant field samples.

Good luck,


Week 1 6th October

Hi Class 8,

Welcome back to Term 4. I will have a new piece of work for you on the website each Wednesday. 


Well done to everyone who managed to submit their Display Folders so I could check your work progress. You should have been able to collect your Display Folders during pick up along with some printed worksheets I provided. If you did not manage to collect the printed work sheets at pick up I will put the appropriate sheets up on the web page each week.


We are staring a new topic for Term 4 which will be entitled Botany - the science of Plants.  This week I would like you to complete the following tasks;

1. Remove all of your work from the previous topic Energy and collate it in a single sleeve at the back of your Display folder.

2. Create a title page Botany - the science of Plants. Remember this needs to be artistic, creative and reflect the effort you put into your work.

3. After this, you can complete one column of your Spelling List and collate this worksheet in your Display Folder.

4. Lastly, you can complete the Plants Literacy and collate this worksheet in your Display Folder.

Good luck,