Hi Class 8,

I would like you all to access your school email by going to  https://outlook.office.com 

You will need to log in to your account by using your School email address. This is made up of your username, which is your first initial and then your surname, then @lyss.vic.edu.au. For example my name is Patricia Zwierlein, so I have the username pzwierlein, and my email address is pzwierlein@lyss.vic.edu.au (no full stop at the end).

If you have a hyphenated surname or spaces in your last name you will not include those in your username.

There are other ways to access your email, and if you are savvy you can use the setup instructions that are available on the student portal.

However, I believe this will be the simplest way to access other Office programs that we will begin to use this term.

Your first activity:

I would like you to send an email to a teacher describing an object in your backyard without using it's name. 

Would Isabella, Mani, Alex, Elayna, Tara and Nat please send an email to Nick using his email address: nharrison@lyss.vic.edu.au 

Would Xander, Amae, Olivia, Ochre, Sage and Harper please send an email to Libby using her email address: levans@lyss.vic.edu.au

Would Angus, Viola, Rai, Hayden, Emma and Thomas please send an email to Elisabeth using her email address: ehill@lyss.vic.edu.au


Which leaves Isla, Tarun, Luca, David, Rufus and Banjo to send an email to me at pzwierlein@lyss.vic.edu.au

Please use the email conventions as detailed below.

Hope to see you soon,



Guidelines for submitting work via email:

Always use your school email account or a parents email.

  • Reply to any email. 

    • This is to confirm to your teacher that you have seen and received the email.

    • It only needs to be a simple “Thanks”. 

    • You can always add more if you have a question.


  • Use formal language.

    • Set out your email or reply with letter writing conventions.

    • Check your spelling and grammar.


  • Give your email a subject.

    • Class 9 English week 1. Or Class 11 Main Lesson Tuesday Week 2. Etc.


  • Any files that are sent should be saved with your name and subject.

    • i.e. Esme Week2 German.


  • Compile work into one file.

    • A series of photographs could be included in a single word document and then sent. 

    • This may take you 5 minutes, but if your teacher needs do that for 20 students it could take over an hour and a half.


  • Be aware of the size of files.

    • Photo files can be large.

    • Change a word document to a pdf

      • You can reduce a file size in word by selecting FILE àREDUCE FILE SIZE (in the top toolbar) and then changing the selection from ‘Print 220ppi’ to ‘Email ‘96ppi’.

    • Contact your teacher if you are having difficulty emailing a large file that cannot be reduced.