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Main Lesson

Hello Class 8,

Friday seemed to come around so quickly this week!

This morning, after you've observed your tree for 5 minutes I would like you to draw it on an A6 or A5 piece of paper. Use coloured pencils or paints. It doesn't have to take long - just try and capture the essence of your tree. Then find a good spot in your house to display it. Perhaps it can be part of the dining table centrepiece...

For Main Lesson today, there is some writing and then an activity.

Below there is also an art activity - you can do this in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day and have a lovely weekend. 

I have some photos to share of your gardens... I will put them up on our website later today. 

Best wishes,


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Here is an activity to do - this as a good afternoon activity. You will work best if you are not hungry or thirsty!

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