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My goodness me,

If someone had said to me 8 years ago that this is how our last day together would pan out, I would not have believed them! But, here we are in remote learning... I am really hopeful that we will be able to do something together next term, and create a lovely farewell!


I really encourage you strongly to please do this reflection exercise I have set for you today. It would be so nice for you all to be able to share this work with each other in some way next term.


I have also put here a recording of one of the most popular stories from Class 1 - TWIGGY!

It is quite delightful, and younger siblings (and perhaps older ones), will love to hear it too, I am sure.


I will miss you very much next term. Go well.  

Best wishes.

With love,


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Thank you so much for my exquisite gifts!  What a huge effort you have put into making my blanket! And I will think of you all when I see it. I can't wait to use my voucher for an exciting adventure...

Love Larissa 


Read the rest of Mao's Last Dancer, knowing that Libby will lead a review about the last 'Part' of the book in Term 4. (From Chapter 20 on.)

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