1 s t  S E P T E M B E R 

Today is a day for you have a bit of a wellbeing day and to have some time just to concentrate on subject lessons, so there is no Main Lesson work for you to do today, and we won't meet for our Zoom check-in. 

Find a good balance between resting, being active, and giving your subject lessons some attention. 

There are some subject lessons below and, you can go back through the work posted on other days to see if you can catch up on anything. 

I am still available today to answer any questions. 

Remember our food to cook with is chilli! I look forward to seeing what you make when we check-in on Zoom on Thursday.

Best wishes,




Here is a drawing exercise for you to do. 


Here are the questions for Chapter 17 of Mao's Last Dancer.

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Here is some eurythmy from Beth.