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Main Lesson

Hello Class 8 students!

Here is the Main Lesson work for today. 

I have really appreciated receiving your work - keep it coming! If you haven't sent anything yet, please do so by the end of tomorrow. 

Have a great day.

Best wishes,


New Content Audio Social Struggle
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Here are the questions for Chapter 13 for you to answer.

Leave question 4 about Nureyev until you reach the chapter in which he is mentioned - sorry I got a bit ahead of myself. :)


Hi Class 8,

This is a copy of all the worksheets from 2 weeks ago. I have also uploaded Worksheet 9. On Friday I will provide a video explanation and answers for you. Please have a go before you look at the answers.

All the best, and please let me know if you have trouble, I am always able to call home to talk you through the work.

Tricia (

19th August

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