Alex: Restored a bike 
Amae: Wrote a book about AFLW 
Angus: Made a skateboard deck 
Banjo: History of gold panning in the Yarra Valley 
David: Worked at a computer shop 
Elayna: Ballet history and costume
Emma: Wrote short stories and sought feedback from authors 
Harper: Claymation short about pollution 
Hayden: Made a remote controlled boat 
Isabella: Learned how to use an SLR camera and created a book of photographs 
Isla: Supported new mothers and their families

Luca: Made a bike ramp 
Mani: Created poetry on postcards to fundraise 
Nat: Designed and made sets 
Ochre: Experienced and researched Australian Indigenous Culture 
Olivia: Created street art 
Rai: Made a surfboard 
Rufus: Built a drone 
Sage: Built a bike shed 
Tara: Built a pond 
Tarun: Wrote and recorded a song 
Tom: Created a book on mountain biking  
Viola: Wrote a book about inspiring women in history 
Xander: Created an electronic skateboard