Giselle Brown

For my Class 8 Project I decided to create a small series of artworks depicting different creatures in water colour. I have always loved art ever since I was little. I paint and draw, sketch and scribble. I find it fascinating how many possibilities there are, from what you create and how you create it. I wanted to experiment and learn about watercolour, which is something I have been meaning to do for quite a long time. 
Writing and illustrating this series of artworks has certainly been challenging. It has made me reflect, which I think is very important. 
This year has been a combination of experimentation, fun, difficulties, creativity, research, time and effort. I will always have the pictures to look back upon and wonder how I thought that particular stroke of paint was respectable. But also, to remember all the times where I let my imagination expand as I watched everything morph into the particular study.

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