Pearl Saurine

For my Class 8 Project I settled on the idea of creating a book with less pictures but having my own writing to of with them. I chose this book because I enjoy writing, and I wanted to make something that could be kept for a long time.


Writing means a lot to me because it is a way in which I can get rid of stress whilst also giving me the option to share a "piece of me" with someone else. 

Which leads me to the name of my book. When I write it is often about personal experiences, so showing it to someone else is quite revealing - and if you know me at all you know that I am someone who likes to keep things to myself a lot, so showing this book to everyone is showing them a part of myself.

I enjoy photography because it means i can capture a moment in time and keep it, so it's not forgotten. I can also share the moment with others so that they can enjoy it as well.


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