Ruby Haider

For my Class 8 Project I decided to do a series of paintings. I like painting and wanted to do something I enjoy for the Project. It took me ages to decide what I wanted to do for the painting and I kept changing my mind and I couldn't stick to just one thing.


The first style of art I wanted to research was abstract art. I tired abstract painting but I did not like how it looked but it was fun to do.


Next I tried painting my own style and I painted a person from a reference picture. I enjoyed doing that more than the abstract art.


I painted another portrait and I tried to make it look similar to the other one so it would stay in the same theme. I painted it from a reference picture and changed it to look how I wanted it to. I did not use colour but used a limited palette of greys, black and white and focused on shading. I found it more comfortable to work like that. 

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