Ryder Staggard

For my Class Eight Project, I chose to make a cricket bat. This topic interests me because I pretty much live and breathe cricket. The funny thing is that I had no interest in cricket whatsoever, and I remember Mum and Dad having to convince me to try it.

My goal for this project was to hand-make a cricket bat and hopefully use it in the nets for practice, or if it turned out really good I might use it in a game.

To begin the bat making process, first of all I had to track down a piece of English Willow, which was surprisingly hard. 

A challenging thing for me was trying to get the bat symmetrical and well balanced. 

In the end I finished making my prototype bat made from Oregon, and I also finished my bat made out of English Willow, and I also designed some stickers for my bats.


I really appreciate that I had to great mentors to help me with my project, my Dad helped me with the bat and my Grandpa to help with the design of the stickers.

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