Hello Class 8, 

Please find links that have: the timeline for this term, a copy of the relevant chapter and short videos to help you complete the set work.

Please remember that we have missed a few classes and are not quite lined up with the dates I have given on the timeline. I would also like you to complete Ch 4M - fluency questions. If you finish all this, you can begin the chapter review questions - starting with the multiple choice section.

Continue the set chapters from wherever you were up to, if you have any questions or need clarification ask a parent to email me at Please do not use your own personal email account if you have one.

I have given tips on how to complete the chapter review and make your own summary sheet. Please have a look and prepare for a short test in Week 9.

Do your best!



Hi Class 8,

This week I have a research task for you to complete entitled How each element got its name. Click the tab to access the worksheet which details what you will need to do to.




Hi Class 8,

This is work I put on the website in Week 7. (Nothing new here for Week 8.)

For English we will read The Wedding and Chapter 1 of Mao's Last Dancer. To the right is a scanned copy of the text along with questions you need to answer. Do this in your English book under the tab called "WRITING". You can pace yourself over the four days you are home.  

Remember you can ask your parents if you can phone or email me with questions. All the best,



Hi Class 8,

Here is a word find for you to do...

See you soon,


End the day with the verse and enjoy your afternoon.

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