Stella Ray

For my Class Eight Project I decided to cover and write a small amount of compositions and record them. I spent the first seven to eight months composing and arranging till the beginning of fourth term, which I spent recording.


I chose music almost by a process of elimination, though it is my favourite materiality to have occurred upon the existence of humankind [Stella really loves music Ed].

I looked into different song structures, particularly the formats that Nirvana used, such as their contrasting loudness and softness.

One day I read that Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Thom Yorke had all used a lyric writing technique called cut-ups, a technique originally invented by Brian Gysin and famously used by the author William Burroughs in his novels. In this technique you get different fragments of words in which you randomly put together on small strips of paper. This is by far the most enjoyable way of writing lyrics.

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