Sunny Wilson

Dad likes to sweep the asphalt at the front of our house - why not? It's a nice peaceful movement. Plus people, (namely me) ride over the asphalt with muddy tyres, so you need a great sweeper.

I decided to make a broom for my Class 8 Project. Now you might ask; "Why would you need a broom if you have a great sweeper in the house.?"

Well, I would say; "When I go to the temples in Thailand I always see long brooms that can swing from side to side clearing the path, and I thought wouldn't it be nice if we had a broom like that instead of a broom that only goes in straight lines!

I decided to make a broom out of used plastic, making it environmentally friendly.

i had to construct a special cutter with which to cut the plastic strips for the broom bristles. 

My successful broom was very hard to make, especially when I was trying to do the bristles. I think the next broom I make will be much quicker because I know how to make it.

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