Specialist Wednesday Lessons  - 8th September

             Singing with Maria.

Click below for a singing lesson with Maria and the lyrics for the song. 

Body Percussion with Roderick



Dear Class 8,
I hope you will have a go at some craft today.  Specialist Wednesday allows you to spend some time being creative. Enjoy.


French Knot

Embroidery Stitching


Today you can read Chapter 20 of Mao's Last Dancer...


Spring has sprung at last. It is so wonderful to get out in the warm sunshine. The bees are busily gathering pollen from my blossom trees which look so beautiful for just one week per year! The blossoms seem to unfold their magnificence almost overnight and very soon after they disappear. Then a carpet of green, springs outward from the branches.

Notice the beautiful blossoms comprised of five round petals and housing a perfect five pointed star.

Dear Class Eight,
Please begin by completing our cross concentration exercise as given last week:

 Four Elements Poem

1. How did you go last week with choosing eurythmy sound gestures for the first verse of the Elements poem? Did you also manage to move the form and create your chosen gestures whilst doing so?
week please do the same for the other three verses and the water, air and fire forms. If this is too time consuming, please at least choose one of the other three elements. 
3. Please write out the poem and underline the sounds of  the elements you chose. Then briefly write your experience of moving the differing forms and sounds. Did you find one form harder than another especially with the addition of sound gestures ? Then send your work to me at; bchristensen@lyss.vic.edu.au 


Lastly, here is a nature mandala I created this week. It was such a lovely thing to do. I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Please send me a photo of your creation.

I hope you have a joyous holiday even though you can't venture very far!

Much love, Beth